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E.I.R Surface Laminate Flooring
The pressed Patterns are totaly synchoronized with Patterns on decorative papers....
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Laminate Flooring for Public
Real AC3 & AC4 Laminate Flooring conforming to BS EN 13329 with warranty....
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V-Grooving Laminate Flooring
4-V Grooving Flooring is popular globally with extreme 3D effect....
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U-Grooving Laminate Flooring
U Grooving have advantages on Easy Production, Cost, 3D Effect and Mainteinance....
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Glossy Laminate Flooring
Glossy Flooring makes home bright and morden feeling....
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Artistic Laminate Flooring
 Including Herryingbone, Fishbone, 2 Strips and 3 Strips Laminate Flooring...
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